The Terrible Teens – Dealing with Autistic Teenagers

Dealing with Autistic Teenagers – For many parents, among the most stressful times in their own lives is through their child’s adolescent years. When puberty hits, young adults undergo significant changes in their own bodies and heads, and parents have little if any control over several scenarios. In an autistic kid, puberty is not any different. Even though your autistic child isn’t undergoing puberty in the very same ways as others her or his age, important hormonal changes still happen in the entire body.

Dealing with Autistic Teenagers
Autistic Teenagers

Dealing with Autistic Teenagers

This may result in extreme outcomes, and this may be either bad or good based on how your child responds to the new hormone levels.

Among the scariest unwanted effects of changes in an autistic individual’s body would be that the start of seizures. Many autistic people experience seizures from birth to maturity, but if your child doesn’t suffer from such episodes, they might start to experience seizures during puberty and later, on account of the new levels of hormones within the body. Unusual as it might sound, violent vibration seizures aren’t necessarily a terrible thing.

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Nearly a quarter of autistic kids experience migraines, but many go undetected as they’re not textbook variants of seizures.

If you realize your child is experiencing a seizure, then you can certainly do something about it, and physicians are going to have the ability to treat your little one. But when the seizures are happening, you and your child might not get it.

The end result of those tiny hidden seizures may be a reduction in function, which is catastrophic, particularly if you kid was advancing before puberty. Regular check-ups throughout puberty, consequently, are very important.

The changes may not always be a terrible thing. New hormone levels within the human body along with the other changes related to puberty can help your unborn child develop and succeed in areas where he or she generally had no interest or skill. Many parents report their child’s behavior improved, which studying in social settings has been simpler.

The main thing about puberty would be to learn how to track the changes on your child really carefully and to ask your doctor a lot of questions.

Bear in mind that puberty is a challenging experience for any young adult, so it’s going to be much harder for somebody with autism.

Attempt to practice understanding and patience with your adolescent, and take care to control their autism so the transition from kid to adult will proceed more easily.

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